She’s got a stone inside her chest
Like an anchor tying down her heart and yet
She tells her mother not to fret
She’s been making plans and there’s no time for regret
She pulls on her nicest dress

And pedals down the road
She knows exactly where to go
She knows the guard won’t even ask it
Ask what she’s got there in her bicycle basket

She turned 14 years this summer
But everyone says she looks 2 years younger
And those men are always bored
Drinking hard and telling jokes about the war
And hoping for more war

She was just a kid
But that didn’t stop him from looking
And when she led him from the pub
He didn’t think twice about how old she was

They say these soldiers learned the hard way
Well they don’t know what the hard way is
Because they haven’t seen the things these soldiers did
They say these soldiers are young
Well she would beg to differ
They have an army
She don’t have an army
But she has a gun
She has a gun

She was just a kid
There’s no getting around it
If you were just fourteen
Could you even get through it
If you had a time machine
Would you go back and help her do it?


from 2019 Song​-​a​-​Week Thingy, released January 1, 2019


all rights reserved



John Brownell Missoula, Montana

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