My love looks up as if to say
isn't it spectacular the way
The light just bends
And all the receivers in the world
Inside the tumble and the twirl
Cannot conceive of where it ends

And look
See how it shatters and explodes upon the brook
I don’t know why it leaves me shook
I’m simultaneously enraptured and confused
So confused

My love looks up at me and blinks
She don’t need to tell me what she thinks
The creek explains what’s in her head
So I sit in silence until night
Refract her gaze with delight
Wink to acknowledge what was said

So sweet
What starts out as panic always turns to glee
Her incandescence lights my mind
Her self-luminous design
Is all I need to see

Let’s go
Let's focus our optics on the rainbows
Let's shake off the shadows
Let's exit the penumbra for the glow


from 2019 Song​-​a​-​Week Thingy, released January 1, 2019


all rights reserved



John Brownell Missoula, Montana

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