I am
In my best mood
When I reach cruising altitude
But when I cannot thread the eyelet
I switch to autopilot
To take me from where I am to
Striking distance of where
You are
At your best, friend
When I feel myself descend
It’s an optical illusion
Mode confusion
Has got me wondering
Which way is up and which way is down

Eyes shut
I'm too high but
I am the pilot
Giddy headed
Peering through the smoke
Who has the yoke
If this is all a

Bad joke
I have a feeling
The punchline
Will not make me laugh
Now I feel like a balloon
Getting strewn
Hoping to end up in
Striking distance of where you are

Eyes shut
I'm too high but
I’m no pilot
Dizzy headed
Peering through a hole
Wondering who has control
Wondering who has control


from 2019 Song​-​a​-​Week Thingy, released January 1, 2019


all rights reserved



John Brownell Missoula, Montana

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