The days creep up our steps like mormon boys
We are stuck in a loop like a white noise generator
Bought from a Chinese sweatshop

How much is too much? It never ends
How much is too much? It’s a trick question
We’re in an election season

Come on and show us your good swing
Show us you really know the fairway
Clearly you got skills and clubs
Can you chip us out of the deep rough or something?

The days tumble down our steps like your drunk friends
We are stuck in a loop like divine science fiction
Shit, is it November again?

How much is too much? It’s all an act
How much is too much? Do you even have to ask?
As they pull down their ski masks and run

In a free and fair election
Two commas are bare minimum
You know they say the sun
Never sets on
The American Way
You know how it goes most Tuesdays


from 2019 Song​-​a​-​Week Thingy, released January 1, 2019


all rights reserved



John Brownell Missoula, Montana

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