Week 40: Mind of its Own

from by John Brownell



You promised endless verse
And then collapsed into the universe
No longer rising above the din
I suppose
I shoulda seen it comin'

I suspected the end was near
Then you revealed it was always here
Shifted attention from eyes to ears
Cuz I couldn't see
What I could hear

The band wasn't loud but my ears rang
Felt the cold air
Rushing around around when the door swang
Open to the
Snow on the ground
And you walking out
That sound's got a sound of its own

Harmony always seems to know
Whispering to me through a megaphone
A crowd gathering 'round the cone
Of uncertainty, now
She certainly knows how

My poetry's so on fleek
I write a new one every week
And if you asks me what this one's about
I don't know
But she's no doubt the (weak one)

Week one I said
"It happens every time"
You think I exaggerated
Fine: every other time
Sometimes a line's justa line
That makes a good rhyme
And that line's got a rhyme of its own

Don't think too much into it now
As it turns out
My mind's got a mind of its own


from 2019 Song​-​a​-​Week Thingy, released January 1, 2019


all rights reserved



John Brownell Missoula, Montana

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